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Young teenage girl by the name of Cynthia, was peacefully fantasizing about chiseled vampires, beastly werewolves, and spicy warlocks. Until suddenly her daydream was interrupted by a fast moving red toyota who had struck her, tragically resulting to a coma. Now every night, Cynthia fantasies turn into a spine-chilling nightmares. She must find a way to escape those foul, yet sexy creatures by using a method of communication that her father once taught her when she was a child. Morse code, she must find and connect specific phrases in order to communicate with the outside world. If she fails to connect these phrases and gather the codes in the wrong order she will be caught by one of the vile creatures, and will be forced to forever stay in a coma, never to see her beloved family and friends ever again.

Published May 17, 2017


Devil's_Lust.rar 105 MB